Rhombis for Windows 10


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Rhombis is a game similar to "Tetris". However, the goal of the player is the elimination of individual objects. They are marked characteristic of the U.S. dollar. Around them are the other elements of the same shape in two colors. In advance falling group consisting of three squares. They should be set in such a way that kind in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) at least three identical (the same shade) objects. From time to time accompanied by the power '`ups. When you remove all the "dollar" items, go to the next plan. The control is done with the mouse or keyboard. Falling groups can be moved and rotated. There is an option to select one of three difficulty levels. The title offers eighty plans.  Minimum Requirements:  Processor: 800 MHz  RAM: 64 MB  Graphics Card: 16 MB  Free hard disk space: 25 MB  Sound Card: no data